Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Project Info

  • Name: HINTS Lab – Presence Scale Development
  • Faculty Advisor: Peter Kahn
  • Department(s): Psychology
  • Area(s): Developmental

Contact Info

  • Contact Person: Carly Gray
  • Email: cgray19@uw.edu


Research Assistant (RA) will assist with the development of a scale of Presence, a new construct being developed in the HINTS Lab. With conceptual links to mindfulness, flow, self-transcendence, and non-dual awareness, Presence is the state of being in which conditioned thinking ceases, and the mind is open, attentive, non-reactive, and still.
Responsibilities include reviews of relevant literature and scale development papers; review of scale items; creation of prompt for initial validation studies; assistance with semi-structured interviews; recruitment of adult participants; assistance with survey design, creation, and administration for initial validation studies; data cleaning and management.
RA will commit 10 hours/week to the HINTS Lab, including the following:
- Active participation in weekly HINTS Lab meetings (3:30-6:30pm on Fridays)
- Active participation in any meetings with graduate student mentors (1-2 hours/week)
- Website revisions for HINTS Lab website (as needed)

Minimum Requirements

- Completed PSYCH 209 with strong grades
- Interest in research regarding human well-being, human flourishing, and the role of the natural world in human flourishing
- Proficient in Word, Excel, data and/or file organization
- Some experience with website editing, especially using CSS/HTML (a plus but not required)
- Coursework in statistics a plus, but not required