Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Project Info

  • Name: College, Alcohol, and Peers Study (CAPS)
  • Faculty Advisor: Mary Larimer
  • Department(s): Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Area(s): Adult Clinical

Contact Info

  • Contact Person: Jessica Canning
  • Email: capstudy@uw.edu


THIS IS AN IN-PERSON RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY. The College, Alcohol, and Peers Study (CAPS) is an alcohol administration study where we study the individual's drinking behavior within groups. Participants are brought into the BARLab in Guthrie Hall and will complete several behavioral and self-report tasks. Finally, participants are allowed to consume alcohol for one hour. We are currently recruiting students 21+ years old for our alcohol administration procedures. In the BAR RAs serve alcohol as bartenders, socialize with participants, administer assessment procedures, and track participant data. Alcohol administration runs take an average of 8.5 hours, so RAs will only work one day per week. Runs are scheduled Wednesday – Sunday.

Minimum Requirements

21+ years old
Must be willing to get vaccinated before working with participants.
Must commit to 2 quarters