Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Project Info

  • Name: PBS Lab Internship - Seattle Children's Research Institute
  • Faculty Advisor: Sara Jane Webb
  • Department(s): Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Area(s): Behavioral Neuroscience

Contact Info

  • Contact Person: Megha Santhosh
  • Email: megha.santhosh@seattlechildrens.org
  • Phone: (206) 884-7814


Directed by Dr. Sara Jane Webb, the PBS lab has 5 active studies looking for internship opportunities.
1. ACE Multisite Transition of Adolescents - study looking at sex differences in autism.
2. Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials - study looking at biomarkers in autism using EEG, Eye Tracking and behavioral measures
3. ADHD TNS Study - study looking at use of FDA approved TNS device for ADHD in children
4. L16hthouse Clinical Trial - study investigating the safety, efficacy and tolerability of Arbaclofen medication in children with 16p.11.2 deletion
Students will have opportunities to assist research staff with in-person and online research visits, learn data entry, EEG data quality control, data processing and data analysis.

Minimum Requirements

We are looking for individuals who are responsible, self-directed, and comfortable with computers and learning new computer programs. Some experience with individuals with autism, children with developmental delay, or gender diverse children is also preferred. Only accepting students who are taking credit (PSYCH 499, BIOL 399, etc.).