Psychology Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Treatment Outcomes and Predictors of Treatment Response in an Outpatient Specialty Mental Heath Center

To find out about this 499 opportunity contact:

Contact name: Elizabeth Lagbas
Telephone: (206) 374-0109

Faculty Information

Faculty Advisor:
Department: Psychology

Does faculty advisor meet with students?

If yes, how often? Dr. Osborne is in weekly research team meetings with 499 students who are able to attend the meeting time.

Direct supervisor of students:

Elizabeth Lagbas; Travis Osborne, PhD
Supervisor Title: Director of Operations; Director of Research and Outcomes Monitoring
Will 499 students participate in weekly or biweekly discussions sessions about research or project?

Short Project Description

The Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS) is a large, specialty mental health center with four treatment programs: child anxiety, adult anxiety, DBT, and eating disorders. EBTCS has an active practice-based research program that uses data from real-world therapy clients to examine questions related to treatment outcomes in naturalistic settings, as well as predictors of treatment response.

Work Schedule

Min. number of hours/weekstudent must work: 9
Evenings/weekends OK? No
Times a student must bepresent/work: Between 8 AM - 6 PM (M-F)
Student commitment: 3 quarters

499 Responsibilities

Working with Data Working with Subjects Working with Animals/physiology
50 % data entry % video taping % animal care
40 % database management % interview subjects % animal observation
0 % encoding data % scheduling appt % surgical techniques
10 % library research % running subjects % histology
% data collection % child care % laboratory protocols
% recruiting subjects

Other:Creating graphs for clinicians to show client outcomes over time; other office tasks as needed

Skills / Experience Preferred

An ideal candidate should be familiar with research methods for psychology, proficient in Excel, and sensitive while working with an outpatient client base. Outstanding graduating volunteers may be considered for potential employment opportunities.