Tyler Jimenez

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Tyler Jimenez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Advising: Not accepting new graduate students in 2024-2025.
Interests: inequality; policing; critical psychology; prejudice; Indigenous


My research focuses on racial and other social inequalities. I am currently examining the cultural psychologies of settler colonialism and neoliberal capitalism, asking questions such as how these social-structural systems are perceived, experienced, legitimized, and resisted.

Additionally, I have conducted research on social issues such as immigration, COVID-19, and police militarization, often at the intersection of political and existential psychology.


University of Missouri (2021)

  • Jimenez, T., Helm, P. J., & Arndt, J. (in press). Racial prejudice predicts police militarization. Psychological Science.
  • Jimenez, T., Arndt, J., & Helm, P. J. (in press). Prejudicial reactions to the removal of Native American mascots. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations.