Tabitha Kirkland

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Tabitha Kirkland, Ph.D.

Associate Teaching Professor
Advising: Does not accept or train psychology graduate students.
Interests: happiness, mindfulness, mentoring, teaching & learning


I am an educator and social psychologist. I teach a wide range of classes from introductory psychology to senior seminars on emotion and well-being. My teaching philosophy encourages both contemplative practices that deepen our understanding of our own minds and active collaboration with other learners in community. I am also the founder and director of the Psychology Undergraduate Mentoring Program, which matches psychology students from underrepresented groups with mentors. I'm interested in helping people become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.


Ph.D., The Ohio State University (2015)

  • PSYCH 101: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYCH 245: Introduction to Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 209: Fundamentals of Psychological Research
  • PSYCH 345: Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 440: Psychology of Emotion
  • PSYCH 445: Theories of Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 208: Happiness
  • PSYCH 448: The Good Life

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