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Thank You to Our Supporters!

We are pleased to recognize the following for their much appreciated contributions during the period of May 16, 2012 through October 27, 2012. Their gifts help strengthen our Department and support a wide range of important research and instructional work by our current students and faculty as well as recruitment of the very best new faculty and graduate students. Please let us know if we have accidentally omitted or misspelled your name by contacting the Psychology Advancement Office.

Tamara L. Anderson, MED, LMHC ǀ Ms. Amanda P. Bailey ǀ Ms. Jessica Allison Blayney ǀ Ms. Ana Bravo ǀ Mr. and Mrs. Steve W. Brownlow ǀ Drs. Jeanette Norris & Steven Buck ǀ Mr. William Budd & Ms. Martha Bishop ǀ Mr. Mitchell W. K. Chan ǀ Drs. Edward R. & B. Melina Cimler ǀ Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Clement ǀ Ms. Lynne Minnick Crowder ǀ Ms. Amber Ryan Dawson ǀ Mr. Robert E. Donnell ǀ Dr. Michael S. Fanselow ǀ Ms. Valerie Foskett ǀ Mr. and Mrs. David G. Gilbert ǀ Ms. Shannon O. Greene ǀ Ms. Holly Grigsby ǀ Ms. Priscilla A. Hagan ǀ Yumi H. Hiraga, Ph.D. ǀ Dr. and Mrs. Albert R. Hollenbeck ǀ Warren G. Holmes, Ph.D. ǀ Stacy Honda ǀ Ms. Teresa Hyde ǀ Ms. Patricia M. Johnson ǀ Ms. Evgenia Kaplan ǀ Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lewis ǀ Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D. ǀ Ms. Sara Liu ǀ Prof. Geoffrey R. Loftus ǀ Ms. SueAnn T. Manipon ǀ Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Maritz ǀ Ms. Melissa Morales-Warming ǀ Ms. Shana Olmstead ǀ Ms. Holly Pankratz ǀ Linda B. Paxton, Ph.D. ǀ Ms. Nadeja A. Petkova ǀ Myrna Pinedo, Ph.D. ǀ Mr. Jon Polzin and Ms. Karen Gleason ǀ Ms. Paula J. Rebar ǀ Ms. Sandra Robinson ǀ Mr. Travis Patrick Skok ǀ Ms. Jenny Ann Flores Skytta ǀ Prof. Ronald E. Smith ǀ Martin J. Stern, Ph.D. ǀ Laura P. Thomas, Ph.D. ǀ Ms. Sandra E. Tudor ǀ Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Van Duine ǀ Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walsh, Jr. ǀ Ms. Jennifer Wang ǀ Dr. and Mrs. David G. Weight ǀ Ms. Marguerite M. Weis ǀDr. and Mrs. Martin B. Wikoff ǀ Ms. Susanna P. Wu ǀ Jeff and Julie Ziegler

Corporations & Foundations:

Baci Counseling LLC ǀ Behavioral Tech, LLC ǀ Community Psychiatric Clinic ǀ IFF Foundation ǀ Last Supper Club ǀ LISALI LLC ǀ JLM Counseling Services ǀ Redeeming Hearts LLC ǀ Santa Fe Dialetical Behavior, LLC ǀ Sheila M. Bartels Counseling ǀ The Alford Foundation ǀ Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving ǀ The Tulalip Tribes ǀ Vanguard Charitable Endowment Prog.


Estate of Allen L. Edwards ǀ Estate of Robert C. Bolles