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Thank You to Our Supporters!

We are pleased to recognize the following for their much appreciated contributions during the period of May 1, 2011 through November 15, 2011. Their gifts help strengthen our Department and support a wide range of important research and instructional work by our current students and faculty, as well as recruitment of the very best new faculty and graduate students. Please let us know if we have accidentally omitted or misspelled your name by writing to the Psychology Development office.

Ms. Veronica L. Asui | Mr. A. Medeiros & Ms. A. Beauchamp | Dr. Cynthia A. & Mr. Robert Berg | Mr. Joseph A. Boldan | Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Boyle | Dr. and Mrs. James M. Campbell Jr. | Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Carter | Mr. Patrick K. Choi | Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Clement | Mr. and Mrs. Matt H. Cowan | Mr. Christian S. Crandall | Ms. Emma S. Croston | Ms. Margaret S. Dennis | Mr. Robert E. Donnell | Dr. and Mrs. Henry Louis Fischer | Melissa A. Fleming, Ph.D | Mr. Steven R. Galper | Mr. and Ms. Jeffrey S. Garfield | Ms. Sharon B. Garrett | Mr. Marc L. Godsey | Drs. Robert N. Golden & Nona K. Phillips | Mary Ann Goodwyn, Ph.D. | Ms. Shannon O. Greene | Prof. and Mrs. Greenwald | Ms. Janice K. Haaken | Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Hack | Ms. Priscilla A. Hagan | Mr. and Ms. Jason Hannigan | Mr. and Mrs. Sean Harrington | Mr. and Mrs. Nancy Hall Harver | Mr. Tyler Tatsuo Hee | Mr. and Mrs. James Hereford | Ms. Barbara M. Hertzog | Ms. Margaret E. Hix | Dr. and Mrs. Albert R. Hollenbeck | Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hoving | Mr. Keith C. Ikeda | Ms. Patricia M. Johnson | Mr. Robert Leigh Kopp | Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kulkosky | Mr. Donald Jones & Dr. Kuzyszyn-Jones | Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Langdon | Dr. Karen R. Lichtenstein | Marilyn A. Lindsey, Ph.D. | Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D. | Ms. Donna A. Lingwood | Mr. J. Lawrence Lipton | Prof. Geoffrey R. Loftus | Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey A. Lowney | William J. Luecke, Ph.D. | Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mannon | Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Maritz | Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Martin | Drs. Craig Mason and Shihfen Tu | Mr. S. John McDonald & Ms. Agnes Forras | Ms. Debbie D. McNab | Prof. and Mrs. Richard P. McQuellon | Mr. and Ms. James P. Morrison | Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Munson, Ph.D. | Dr. and Mrs. William A. Murray | Mr. Louis P. Nemec | Dr. and Ms. Stevan L. Nielsen | Mr. S. Mitchell & Ms. S. Nishimoto | Ms. Joy E. Oberholtzer | Ms. Lauren Odynocki | Gregory R. Pierce, Ph.D. | Ms. Kris P. Primacio | Mrs. Tani Sather Robar | Ms. Dana M. Ryan | Mr. Wayne A. Schoenmakers | Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Y. Shiraishi | Profs. Jane M. Simoni & Karina Walters | Hiu Nam Sit | Ms. Natalie A. Smith | Mr. Ronald Soper & Ms. Barbara Bunkle | Mr. and Mrs. James G. Taylor | Laura P. Thomas, Ph.D | Ms. Janice Carol Thorslund | Drs. Craig Mason and Shihfen Tu | Mr. Kenneth D. Uhrich | Mr. and Mrs. David A. Veterane | Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walsh, Jr. | Dr. and Mrs. David G. Weight | Ms. Marguerite M. Weis | Mr. Bob Perkins & Ms. Lynn Willman | Ms. Susanna P. Wu | Lori A. Zoellner, Ph.D.

Behavioral Tech, LLC | LISALI, LLC | Screaming Flea Production, Inc.

Estate of Robert C. Bolles | Estate of Allen L. Edwards | Estate of Yasuko H. Endo

In Memory of Alan Marlatt:
Ms. Sara Liu | Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation: Prevention Research | Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rider | SMART Recovery | Adam M. Weisman, Ph.D. | Lori A. Zoellner, Ph.D.

AARP | Sara Lee Corporation