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Inaugural CCFW Community Seminar

inaugural community seminar
Photo:  Inaugural CCFW community seminar

The Center for Child and Family Well-Being (CCFW) held its inaugural community seminar thanks to support from Yaffa Maritz, John Sabol and the UW Psychology Allen E. Edwards Endowment. Dr. Stuart Shanker, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Philosophy and Director of the Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative at York University, presented on the importance of children's self-regulation to their health, academic, social and emotional development to an audience of practitioners, educators, parents, students and policy advocates. Dr. Shanker's presentation highlighted the importance of the research being conducted at CCFW on the development of self-regulation and its relation to children's resilience and social-emotional competence. CCFW plans to host similar community seminars in the future. If you are interested on being on the CCFW mailing list, please send an email to with your name, email address, organization/affiliation, and topics of interest to you.