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Over Five Million Dollars in Federal Stimulus Funds Awarded to Department of Psychology Faculty

Recovery Logo FedThe American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 was a federal stimulus plan intended to create jobs and promote investment and consumer spending during the recession. One component of the plan was to infuse the government’s two largest research funding agencies – that National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) – with funds to empower the nation’s best scientists to discover new cures, advance technology, and solve some of our greatest health and scientific challenges. ARRA provided the NIH with upwards of $10 billion dollars and the NSF $3 billion dollars. The goal was to stimulate hiring of new scientists, enhance scientific infrastructure, and jump-start new research programs that would support future economic growth. One of the challenges faced by both the NIH and NSF was the stipulation that the ARRA funds had to be spent rapidly, within two years. This not only presented difficulties for the agencies in administering the funds but challenges to researchers who typically take a longer-view to the needs of their research programs.

The Psychology Department has a long history of successfully competing for government sponsored research funds, often ranking first nationally among psychology departments in NIH sponsored research support. In keeping with this tradition, our department was very successful in attracting ARRA funds with eight of our faculty having ARRA-related grants totally over $5 million dollars. The topics of the grants reflect the research diversity of our department and include faculty studying cognitive, clinical, child clinical and developmental psychology. Specific recipients include:

Name Title Agency Amount
Scott Murray
Image of Scott Murray
Neural Mechanisms of Object Size Perception NSF $850,000
Marsha Linehan
Image of Marsha Linehan
Curriculum for Training DBT Clinician-Scientists NIH $80,000
Peter Kahn
Image of Peter Kahn
Social and Moral Relationships with Personified Robots NSF $1,200,000
Robert McMahon
Image of Robert McMahon
Multisite Prevention of Adolescent Conduct Problems NIH $195,000
Alan Marlatt
Image of Alan Marlatt
Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention: Efficacy and Mechanisms NIH $1,400,000
Kevin King
Image of Kevin King 
Emergence of Adolsescent Substance Use Problems from the Externalizing Spectrum NIH $855,000
Liliana Lengua
Image of Lili Lengua
Low Income, Family Disruption, and the Development of Effortful Control NIH $450,000
Jessica Sommerville
Image of Jane Simoni 
The Neural Basis of Early Action Perception NIH $95,000