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Healthy Relationships Research

Photo of Reney Cleary Developmental graduate student Renay Cleary Bradley has been busy working on an exciting project as Research Director at the Relationship Research Institute (RRI).

In the "Creating Healthy Relationships Project," RRI is evaluating a group-based psychoeducational intervention for low-income couples who are experiencing a specific form of situational violence.  This is a form of domestic violence in which there is no clear victim or perpetrator. The researchers have run intervention groups for the past year in Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma and will begin their final groups this winter, with data collection slated for completion over the next year. The intervention focuses on helping to promote more father involvement, better conflict management and self soothing skills, and building intimacy between couples.  It also seeks to establish social support and building community via the group-based structure.  Participants meet in weekly groups of five to seven couples for 22 weeks, allowing them to get to know one another and form social bonds.