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Thank you to all our generous donors!

Your contributions are very much appreciated as they have provided tremendous and exciting support for our students and many new department initiatives.

Individual Donors

Byron N. Fujita, Ph.D. | Dr. and Mrs. Albert R. Hollenbeck | Professor Anthony and Mrs. Jean Greenwald  | Dr. and Mrs. Carl Higuchi | Mr. David W. Mulligan and Ms. Kim B. Arnowitt | Dr. and Mrs. David G. Weight | Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Matsushima | Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Prince | Dr. and Mrs. William A. Murray | Dr. David N. Shorr | Mr. Earl and Mrs. Darielle Linehan | Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carlsen | Dr. Joseph Bentvelzen & Ms. J. Smith | Dr. Joseph Mecca & Ms. Linda Stolfi | Dr. Per K. and Mrs. Sandra R. Johnsen | Drs. Edward R. & B. Melina Cimler | Drs. Randy and Christina Michaelson | Gary H. Winkel, Ph.D. | H. Joyce Morano, M.D. | Jeff and Julie Ziegler | Jennifer G. Wheeler, Ph.D. | Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D. | Martin J. Stern, Ph.D. | Melissa A. Fleming, Ph.D. | Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Ailie | Mr. and Mrs. E. Tom Davies | Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kelly | Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Tolbert | Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Silvia | Mr. and Mrs. Nancy Hall Harver | Mr. Peter Fogliano  | Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Little | Mr. and Mrs. Wade T. Price | Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mannon | Mr. and Ms. Jason Hannigan | Mr. John D. Stenberg | Mr. Klaus Schumann & Ms. Mary J. Adams | Mr. Michael S. Staszak | Mr. Nathan M. Nimick  | Ms. Robbi Senderov  | Mr. William T. Denzel and Ms. Colene M. McKee  | Mr. Yenling Chi  | Ms. Audrey Hungerpiller  | Ms. Barbara Kay Johnson  | Ms. Becky A. Ward  | Ms. Bonaria Biancu  | Ms. Donna L. Klein  | Ms. Iris Arnowitt  | Ms. June M. Argyle  | Ms. Majorie E. Anderson  | Ms. Marguerite M. Weis  | Ms. Marlie Rowell | Ms. Melanie Colon  | Ms. Priscilla A. Hagan  | Ms. Shannon O. Greene  | Ms. Stephanie J. Fohn  | Ms. Vicki L. Parker  | Nadine R. Anderson, Ph.D. | Priscilla W. Wright, Ph.D. | Prof. B. Brewer & Ms. J. Van Raalte  | Prof. J. Diaz & Ms. M. Claudio-Diaz  | Rebecca L. Wong, Ph.D.

Corporations and Foundations

AARP | Baltimore Community Foundation | Behavioral Tech, LLC | Brockman, Inc. | Cadence Child & Adolescent Therapy | Fidelity Charitable Investments Gift Fund | Project Implicit | Perseus Properties, LLC | Saul and Eleanor Lerner Foundation | Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program | The Wunderkinder Foundation

Estate and Memorial Gifts

In appreciation of Dr. Cheryl Kempinsky  | In memory of Malika Kane Buckosky  | In memory of Richard W. Rowell  |In Honor of Esther Richey  | In memory of G. Alan Marlatt