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Thank you to our supporters!

We are pleased to recognize the following for their much appreciated contributions during the period of October 28, 2012 to May 14, 2013. Their gifts help strengthen our Department and support a wide range of important research and instructional work by our current students and faculty as well as recruitment of the very best new faculty and graduate students. Please let us know if we have accidentally omitted or misspelled your name by contacting the Psychology Advancement Office.


Dr. Albert and Mrs. Laura Hollenbeck | Dr.  Kenneth and Mrs. Adele Hoving | Dr. Adam M. Weisman | Dr. Byron N. Fujita | Dr. Carl and Mrs. Lynn Higuchi | Dr. H. Joyce Morano | Dr. Jean and Mr. Thomas Heestand | Dr. Marjorie Anderson | Dr. Marsha Linehan | Dr. Melissa A. Fleming | Dr. Michael and Mrs. Laureen Matsushima | Dr. Nadine R. Anderson | Dr. Randall Russac | Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Norma Baird Jr.| Dr. Rebecca Wong | Dr. Richard and Mrs. Karen Prince | Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Helen Green | Drs. Craig Mason and Shihfen Tu | Mr. Jeffrey and Mrs. Julieanna Williams | Mr. Rodney & Mrs. Barbara Loveless | Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Wendy Shimada | Mr. Behrooz Shirazi | Mr. David Siphron | Mr. Erik Bennigson & Ms. Gwendalyn Drolet | Mr. Gerald Curtin & Mrs. Dorothy Hunt-Curtin | Mr. James and Mrs. Lynn Carlsen | Mr. James Pautler | Mr. Jan Nordmo | Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Gail Bromberg | Mr. Michael & Mrs. Dawn Silvia | Mr. Michael Staszak | Mr. Nikola Taylor | Mr. Peter Fogliano | Mr. Philip & Ms. Jean Wolf | Mr. Stephen & Ms. Catherine Graham| Mr. Steven & Mrs. Margot Marenakos | Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Heather Neumann | Mr. Todd Clarke & Ms. Jennifer Clark | Mr. Wayne Schoenmakers | Mrs. Alayne & Mr. Robert Sulkin | Mrs. Connie & Mr. Robert Kolosvary | Mrs. Diana & Mr. Kevin Boyle | Mrs. Suzanne Morneau-Francisco & Mr. Douglas Francisco | Mrs. Wendy & Mr. William Mannon | Mrs. Yaffa & Mr. Paul Maritz | Ms. Catherine Blair | Ms. Cynthia Eagan | Ms. Donna Klein | Ms. Elizabeth Snyder | Ms. Madoka Etoh | Ms. Marguerite Weis | Ms. Prany Vadisirisak | Ms. Sandra Robinson | Ms. Sarah & Mr. Thomas Neff | Ms. Sophie Shonka | Ms. Stephanie Nishimoto & Mr. Stephen Mitchell | Ms. Yin Wang | Professor Britton Brewer & Ms. Judy Van Raalte | Professor Jaime Diaz & Mrs. Marie Claudio-Diaz | Professor Ronald Smith |  Yenling Chi

Corporations and Foundations

AARP | Baltimore Community Foundation | Behavioral Tech, LLC | Brockman, Inc. | Laird Norton Tyee Trust Company | Prudential Foundation | Saul and Eleanor Lerner Foundation | Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving | State of Washington | The June Maria Argyle Trust | The Linehan Family Foundation

Estate and Memorial Gifts

Estate of Robert C. Bolles | In memory of Professor G. Alan Marlatt