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Undergraduate Accomplishments

The Psychology Department is proud of the accomplishments of our undergraduate students.  Check out some of the highlights from this year:

The Psychology Honors Poster Session, on May 30, showcased the work of the 15 members of the Honors Program who are graduating this year.  The poster session, along with the completion of a senior thesis, marks the culmination of a two-year intensive research program.  Congratulations to our honors students:  Kristin Aerts, Zeke Barger, Thomas Coleman, Deirdre Edsall, Teague Henry, Leela Holman, Chantelle Kinzel, Paige Peterson, Monica Rapp, Kimberley Sanders, Alice Tattersall, Lin Tu Trinh, Josef Turecek, Ziqin Wang, and Brianna Yamasaki.

Kevin Dofredo received an Undergraduate Research Award from the College of Arts and Sciences.  Kevin's faculty advisor is Paul Phillips, in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Brie Chun and Denise Dy were both named Future Timeless Award Winners.  This was a special award given this year in commemoration of the 150 year anniversary of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Congratuations to the 14 psychology majors (and their faculty sponsors), who were awarded Mary Gates Leadership or Research Scholarships.  Our Leadership Scholars are: Taylor Boren (Sharan Brown-Education) and Michael Fujimoto (Jennifer Salk-Dance).  Research Scholars are: Zeke Barger (William Moody-Biology), Tom Coleman (Sheri Mizumori), Deirdre Edsall (Raphael Bernier-Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences), Nile Graddis (Sheri Mizumori), Kelsey Hinton (Jeansok Kim), Sunny Hothi (Michael Murias-Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences), Joon Kim (Sean Murphy-Surgery), Chantelle Kinzel and Josh Larkin (Sheri Mizumori), Nathan Ma (Randy Kyes), Josh Matlock (Maria Razumova-Bioengineering), Paige Peterson (Corey Fagan), Alice Tattersall (Monique Cherrier-Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences), and Josef Turecek (John Welsh-Pediatrics).

Alice Tattersall was the recipient of an Undergraduate Research Travel Award.  Her faculty advisor is Monique Cherrier, from Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Caitlin Handron received an Undergraduate Research Conference Award from the Undergraduate Research Program, as well as a Psi Chi Regional Award for a poster she presented at the Western Psychological Association convention.  Caitlin's faculty advisor is Sapna Cheryan.

Teague Henry was named a Levinson Emerging Scholar in fall 2011.  Teague's faculty advisor is Kevin King.

Zeke Barger was the Psychology Department's nominee for the Arts and Sciences Dean's Medal in the Natural Sciences Division.  Zeke is a member of the Psychology Honors Program, is completing a double major with Psychology and Neurobiology, and graduates Summa Cum Laude.

The following students were invited to join Phi Beta Kappa:  Amanda Brumley, Hilary Cohen, Rebecca Emery, Brian Eschels, Dayna Feller, Kelsey Frost, Leela Holman, Hannah Krajnik, Tamar Mentzer, Harrison Owens, Gabrielle Paras, Paige Peterson, Alison Ponce, Clara Roberts, Kimberley Sanders, Aziza Seykota, Jordan Standlee, Jingqing Tang, Andrea Vernon, and Yuan Zhuang.