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Thank You to Our Supporters!

We are pleased to recognize the following for their much appreciated contributions during the period of November 16, 2011 through May 15, 2012. Their gifts help strengthen our Department and support a wide range of important research and instructional work by our current students and faculty as well as recruitment of the very best new faculty and graduate students. Please let us know if we have accidentally omitted or misspelled your name by contacting the Psychology Office (

Nadine R. Anderson, Ph.D. | Blaise Aguirre | Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Baird, Jr. | Ms. Kristina L. Bostrom | Dr. Mark Bouton and Ms. S. Legault-Bouton | Prof. B. Brewer & Ms. J. Van Raalte | Jeffrey and Gail Bromberg | Dr. Victoria Cane | Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carlsen | Mr. and Mrs. David A. Clifford | Mr. and Mrs. James Mazza | Dr. Haleh Ghanizadeh | Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Ducey | Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Elwood | Mr. Steve Birge and Ms. Tiffany English | Ms. Madoka Etoh | Dr. Michael S. Fanselow | Mr. Peter M. Fogliano | Ms. Stephanie J. Fohn | Mr. Melvin H. Fujino | Mr. and Mrs. David G. Gilbert | Mr. and Mrs. David G. Gilbert | Lori and Jon Grande | Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Greenwald | Profs. Renee and James Ha | Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hamilton | Dr. Jean and Mr. Thomas Heestand | Ms. Susan A. Heuer | Dr. and Mrs. Albert R. Hollenbeck | Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hoving | Mr. Kurt A. Ing | Andre M. Ivanoff, Ph.D. | Mr. West Kelley | Mr. and Mrs. David M. Kendrick | Ms. Donna L. Klein | Kelly D. Koerner, Ph.D. | Cedar R. Koons, L.I.S.W. | Zinaida Koroleva | Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D. | Prof. Geoffrey R. Loftus | Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Loveless | William J. Luecke, Ph.D. | Dr. Cindy Mancini | Ms. SueAnn T. Manipon | Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Matsushima | Dr. D. Mooney-Corcoran & Mr. K. Corcoran | Mr. Jan Eric Nordmo | Mr. John M. Pangborn | Karen Pavlidis, Ph.D. | Mr. James M. Picicci | Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Prince | Clive Robins, Ph.D. | Ms. Beth Rogers | Ms. Jennifer L. Schulze-Aguirre | Dr. Ed Shearin & Dr. Naomi Tomoyasu | James A. Sherman, Ph.D. | Dr. David N. Shorr | Mr. David C. Siphron | Mr. Charles Swenson | Ms. Deborah Taheri | Ms. Mary Jane Thompson | Mr. Mathew Alexander Tkachuck | Ms. Becky A. Ward | Dr. W. S. Warrenburg & Ms. Gail Kolflat | Ms. Elizabeth Y. Webster | Dr. and Mrs. David G. Weight | Ms. Marguerite M. Weis | Ms. Jennifer G. Wheeler | Mr. Randall J. Wolbert | Rebecca L. Wong, Ph.D. | Dr. Jesine Xavier

Behavioral Tech, LLC | Gracie Enterprises, LLC

Estate of Robert C. Bolles

In Honor of Marsha Linehan: H. Joyce Morano, M.D. | Joan C. Russo, Ph.D.

In Memory of Cindy Sanderson: George H. Davis, Ph.D.

In Memory of Prof. G. Alan Marlatt: Martin J. Stern, Ph.D. | Mr. Patrick K. Ching

In Memory of Donald Justin Barker: Ms. Gail Duplessis

In Memory of Ted Sakuma: Prof. J. Diaz & Ms. M. Claudio-Diaz

In Memory of Allan Gordon: Ms. Nancy Gordon

Matching: AARP