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Parenting Conference – June 5th, 2010

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Parents serve a critical role in facilitating children's behavioral, social and emotional development. The faculty and researchers at the UW Psychology’s Center for Child and Family Well-being want to partner with parents as the experts in their children’s development and as being at the “front lines” in working with their children. The Center seeks to bring parents into the conversation about promoting positive development in their children. 

Our faculty are truly at the forefront of the field contributing to knowledge about how parents can promote positive developmental outcomes in children. To share the latest findings from this research with parents, the Psychology Department’s Center for Child and Family Well-being hosted the first UW Parenting Conference in conjunction with Outreach & Extension’s UW Conference on Early Learning:

The third day of the conference highlighted important findings about the role of parents in children’s behavioral, social and emotional development, with faculty translating empirical findings into actionable parenting guidance.  The presenters were UW faculty and researchers who offered the latest findings on children’s temperament, encouraging best behaviors, emotion coaching, mindfulness, and building children’s positive development through sports involvement.