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Essence of Success

Image of high school seniorsAs a department, we introduced the study of psychology to 15 high school seniors as part of the Essence of Success Conference. This conference is a partnership between the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity and the Office of Admissions and encourages African-American students from all over the state to apply to UW. This was our first time participating and we are looking forward to continuing to support this event and other similar programs.

In a quick two hours, we were able to showcase many of the wonderful things about the UW psychology program to these high school students. They particularly enjoyed learning about the undergraduate program and about careers for psychology majors. Many of the high school students were interested in understanding more about how psychology research is conducted. Fortunately, we were able to offer them a tour of three different labs, giving them a strong exposure to the breadth of the field.

In total, the students were able to meet with three undergraduates, five graduate students, two professors and an academic adviser.