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Clinic Wins National Award

Image of Corey Fagan and Ron Smith
Corey Fagan and Ron Smith

For more than half a century, the UW clinical psychology program has had a national reputation for the strength of its research productivity and clinical training. With 65 students and 15 full-time faculty members, the program has nationally recognized subprograms in both child and adult clinical psychology. It is a leading center for the development of new treatments for psychological problems, and many of its faculty are internationally known for their contributions to the field of mental health. In recent years, the clinical program has received a number of prestigious awards. The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies bestowed its 2003 Distinguished Program Award in recognition of the UW’s long-term research prominence and the quality of its graduates. In 2008, the program received the Innovations in Graduate Training Award from the American Psychological Association for its recent attempts to achieve a stronger integration of scientific and clinical training. In additional to curricular innovations and an enhanced training in multicultural competence, the program developed a computerized data collection system in which clients in its training clinic complete an individualized set of psychological measures prior to each session that can be used to track this data during the course of treatment and provide ongoing feedback to both the client and therapist.

This system will also create an extensive database for student and faculty research. Finally, in a reflection of its national standing among directors of clinical psychology programs, the UWs program tied with two other programs (UCLA and Wisconsin) for the number one ranking in the 2009 U.S. News and World Report ratings of the nation’s 239 accredited clinical psychology programs.

The Clinic provides psychological services at reduced cost for the public. For more information please call 206.543.6511