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Graduate Accomplishments

Image of GSA winners2007-2008 Graduate Student Service Awards for consistent service to the department and graduate student community: Jon Howe, Behavioral Neuroscience, advisor Jaime Diaz, Erin Hunter, Adult Clinical, advisor Lynn Katz, Hilary Mead, Child Clinical, advisor Ted Beauchaine, Briana Woods, Child Clinical, advisor Mary Larimer


Image of DTA 2008 winners2007-2008 Psychology Distinguished Teaching Awards for career-long contributions to teaching: Joyce Bittinger, Adult Clinical, advisor Lori Zoellner, Dellanira Valencia-Garcia, Adult Clinical, advisor Jane Simoni, Adria Martig, Behavioral Neuroscience, advisor Sheri J. Y. Mizumori, Jennifer Marsh, Animal Behavior, advisor James Ha (not pictured)

Image of Alcore 08 winners

2007-2008 Alcor Endowed Scholarship Awards for Outstanding Students: Kristie Fisher, Cognition and Perception, advisor Miriam Bassok, Emily Clark, Behavioral Neuroscience, advisor Ilene Bernstein, Julia Hitch Child Clinical, advisor Robert McMahon, Joyce Bittinger, Adult Clinical, advisor Lori Zoellner, Danielle Beck, Developmental, advisor Stephanie Carlson, Cheryl Frederick, Animal Behavior, advisor Randy Kyes (not pictured), Nicole Wilson, Social/Personality, advisor Yuichi Shoda (not pictured)

Research Grants and Awards

Jennifer Wang received a National Science Foundation Fellowship, “Person-centered approach to race-based rejection and emotional well-being,” Social/Personality, advisor Janxin Leu

Clara Wilkins received a National Science Foundation Fellowship, “Positive Feedback to Minorities: A Threat to Ingroup Belonging?,“ Social/Personality, advisor Cheryl Kaiser

Lori Wu Malahy received a National Science Foundation Fellowship, “Behaving Is Becoming: Consequences of Stereotype Disconfirmation,“ Social/Personality, advisor Cheryl Kaiser

Nicholas Nasrallah received an NIH Kirschstein National Research Service Award predoctoral fellowship , “Adolescent Alcohol Exposure and Risky Decision-Making Revision,“ Behavioral Neuroscience, advisor Ilene Bernstein

Keren Lehavot, Adult Clinical, advisor Jane Simoni and Eric Pedersen, Adult Clinical, advisor Mary Larimer, received the 2008 American Psychology Association Travel Award

Cognition and Perception students Serap Yigit-Elliott (Advisor: John Palmer) and Sung-jun Joo (Advisor: Geoff Boynton) both received the 2008 Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award (VSS Student Travel Award) to attend the 2008 Annual VSS Meeting in Naples, FL

Dellanira Valencia-Garcia (5th year, Adult Clinical) was awarded the 2008 Student Scholar Latina/Hispanic Woman Award from the Society for the Psychology of Women (Division 35). This award honors the scholarly contributions of a Division 35 student member who has conducted research and/or scholarly work that advances the psychology of Latina/Hispanic women. Her advisor is Jane Simoni.

Clara Wilkins received a Clara Mayo Award from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues to support her research on ethnic minorities’ reactions to positive feedback from Whites. This grant program supports research on aspects of sexism, racism, or prejudice. Clara works in Cheryl Kaiser’s lab. Clara also received an SPSP Diversity Award and she and Cheryl were awarded an IESUS grant.

Jennifer Wang is one of ten recipients of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues’ Diversity Committee’s 2008 Diversity Travel Award to help her attend the SPSSI conference in Chicago in June. Her advisors are Janxin Leu and Yuichi Shoda. She also received the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship.

Lindsey Sterling was awarded the Autism Speaks mentor-based fellowship, a two-year fellowship to support her dissertation. She is a 5th year Child Clinical student who was working with Geri Dawson.

Andrada Neacsiu received the Wagner Award and presented two talks at the American Psychological Association annual convention, Boston, August, 2008.

Kelly Koo was awarded a travel award to participate in the NIAAA/NIDA Early Career Poster Session during 2008 American Psychological Association Convention in Boston, MA.

Keren Lehavot received scholarships from the First International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Psychology Summer Institute, Departments of Psychology and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan; the Pride Foundation, including Associates in Behavioral Health Scholarship, McFarffels Scholarship for Social Justice for Women, and the Pride Foundation Community Scholarship; Lesbian Studies, National Women’s Studies Association; and Making Feminism Relevant: Across the Generations, Division 35 and APAGS Annual Prize for Psychological Research on Women and Gender Studies, AWP and Division 35, American Psychological Association.

In the news

Dellanira Valencia-Garcia, (5th year, Adult Clinical) was interviewed by the local Spanish TV station, Univision, about her study on social capital and mental health among Latinas. The show aired on the morning program Rico Amanecer on July 6, 2008. She was also invited to do a live interview the same day at the Spanish radio station, Enterate. Her advisor is Jane Simoni.

Andrew Fleming (3rd year, Child Clinical), was a member of Team USA in the World Flying Disc Federation’s 2008 World Ultimate & Guts Championships in Vancouver, BC. His team won Silver, coming in second to Canada in the final round, after winning all of their matches. Congratulations to Andrew and the team!