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Undergraduate Accomplishments

2006-2007 Guthrie Prize in Psychology, for best theoretical and empirical papers:

Cindy Kim - “Girls’ Estradiol Level and Family Relations” sponsored by Adjunct Research Assistant Professor Sybil Carrere

Jennifer Wang - “Utilizing a System Approach Toward Cultural Individual Differences Research” sponsored by Professor Yuichi Shoda

Kristyn Sakiko Funasaki - “Examining the Relationship between Sensation Seeking and 21st Birthday Alcohol Use,” sponsored by Psychiatry Assistant Professor Clayton Neighbors

Cady Michelle Stanton - “The Potential for Robots to Aid in the Social Development of Children with Autism,” sponsored by Associate Professor Peter Kahn

College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Awards:

Grace Cochon

Robyn Laing

Mary Gates Scholars:

Jennifer Barredo (Sheri Mizumori lab)

Peter Berberian (Eliot Brenowitz lab)

Grace Cochon (Randy Kyes lab)

Erica Coppel (Deborah Bowen lab)

Jessica Eggen (Sheri Mizumori lab)

Elizabeth Ehni (Douglas Zatzick lab)

Kristina Hardy (Jessica Sommerville lab)

Jacqueline Ho (Doug Fitts lab)

Blair Kleiber (Mary Larimer lab)

Robyn Laing (Jaime Olavarria lab)

Benjamin Ouellette (Sheri Mizumori lab)

David Petersen (John Baer lab)

Jessica Rieken (Additive Behaviors Research Center)

Andrea Repetto (Sean O’Donnell lab)

Cady Stanton (Peter Kahn lab)

Angela Vandenberg (Ellen Covey lab)

Jennifer Wang (Yuichi Shoda lab)

McNair Scholarship:

Martin Acevedo (Alan Marlatt lab)