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Undergraduate Accomplishments

2004-2005 Scholars and Grant Recipients Among Psychchology Undergraduates

S. Sterling Munro Public Service Fellowship:

Brandon Stogsdill Worked with IMPACT and Burton Snowboard Chill Program serving under-privileged youth

Ronald E. McNair Scholarship:

Cindy Kim Researched the effects of stress on the onset of puberty

Thuy Doan N. Tran Worked as a research assistant studying person perception and motivation

Mary Gates Research Scholarships:

Kelly Bui Studied inverse relationship between alcohol use and negative affects

Elizabeth Cope Researched stress and coping within the LGBTQ population

Derek Dauphin Studied source of gender differences in infant imitation

Cindy Kim Family Health Project; studied marital and family communications

Avriel Linane Studied the genetic diagnosis of IPEX, a hereditary pediatric immune disease

Jennifer Mallory Effects of aggression in kindergarteners and their attachment relationship

Misa Odagiri Did behavioral assessment of macaque monkeys at UW and in Indonesia

Jonathan Sabo Investigated effects of chronic construal levels on persistence and success in challenging tasks

Adrianne Stevens Studied the role of perfectionism and anger expression in adolescent self-harm behavior

Laurel Stevens Did isolation and characterization of Plymyxin resistant mutants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Chelsea Whitney Interviewed women who were both queer and disabled to investigate identity development processes

Mary Gates Leadership Scholarships:

Jaime Biava Worked with Tourette Syndrome Association Board of Directors and the Tourette Syndrome Summer Camp

Susan Kennedy Mentored new climbing students

More Undergrad Kudos

Emily Wood was selected as a Mary Gates Scholar. She works with Sheri Mizumori on the role of dopamine in context processing.

Derek Dauphin was awarded a research training grant from the Mary Gates Endowment for Students.

Brandon Stogsdill was recently awarded an S. Sterling Munro Public Service Fellowship.

Congratulations to Winnie Chan and Joy Hackenbracht, co-winners of the 2005 Edwin R. Guthrie Prize in Psychology.