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Student Profile: Libby Cope

Image of Libby Cope
Libby Cope

This year’s undergraduate peer advisor for the Psychology Department is Libby Cope, a senior who is pursuing a double degree in psychology and public health. Libby’s experience at the UW is highlighted by her participation and leadership role in the Alternative Spring Quarter Experience. The quarter-long experience is an offshoot of the Alternative Spring Break program, which sends UW students to volunteer in rural Washington schools for one week.

While earning credit, a small group of UW students, including Libby, spent the entire spring quarter volunteering full time in a small tribal school on the Quileute Reservation on the Washington coast. Libby says that the exposure to a news environment and culture was similar to a study abroad experience. Upon returning to Seattle, Libby was offered the opportunity to organize and lead the next group of students for spring quarter 2005.

Libby is very enthusiastic about her work on the Quileute Reservation and encourages all students to pursue experiential learning opportunities, both off campus and outside of the Seattle area.

While her current position as Psychology Department peer advisor keeps her on campus, she has gained hands-on skills from which she will benefit as she moves on to graduate school and eventually to a counseling-related career.

Libby is also an undergraduate research assistant for Kimberly Balsam in psychology professor Jane Simoni’s lab. “I believe that experiential learning is critical to obtaining and applying the skills and knowledge expected of every UW graduate,” says Libby. “Being a college student is a great position for exploring the world through community service and internships and I hope every student takes advantage of this opportunity.” Great advice from the peer advisor! n