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First Annual Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lecture Series

Discovery and Healing: Psychology Research Serving Humanity

UW Psychology is pleased to announce the inaugural season of the Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lecture Series. In the free public series, UW Psychology faculty team up with international experts to share research results in treatment and prevention in individuals with delinquency problems, post-traumatic stress disorders, and high-risk behaviors related to HIV. All lectures will be in Kane 120 on the UW Campus, starting at 7:00 p.m. The lectures are free but registration is required. Register online at or by calling 206.543.0540.

February 22, 2006:

“Understanding and Treating Chronic PTSD”

Lori Zoellner,

Associate Professor, UW Psychology

Richard Bryant,

Professor, University of New South Wales

Psychological disorders following exposure to trauma include personal suffering, decreased productivity, occupational and social dysfunction, medical disorders, and demands on health services. Drs. Zoellner and Brant review current research associated with the persistence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the variety of viable options that exist for treatment. The speakers also explore treatment options and focus on the effectiveness of both therapies and medications.

March 1, 2006:

“Science and Politics: The Discordant Couple in the Fight Against AIDS”

Jane Simoni,

Associate Professor, UW Psychology

Judith Auerbach,

Vice President, The Foundation for AIDS Research

Drs. Auerbach and Simoni discuss the relationship between our advancing knowledge in preventing transmission and acquisition of HIV infection through biomedical, behavioral, and social interventions, and how decisions are made in implementing these methods. Dr. Auerbach provides an overview of recent events related to the erosion of evidence-based HIV prevention policy and the context in which it is occurring. Dr. Simoni describes her experiences as an investigator in one of the HIV prevention projects attached and targeted for de-funding by Congressional critics. Both speakers address the implications of the growing influence of politics and ideology on HIV and related publish health research.

March 8, 2006:

“Brain Science as a Means of Understanding Delinquency and Substance Abuse in Youth”

Theodore Beauchaine,

Associate Professor, UW Psychology

Susan Tapert,

Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego

Drs. Beauchaine and Tapert explore risks and results of delinquency and substance abuse in youth. Dr. Beauchaine discusses the importance of understanding the brain mechanisms associated with impulsivity, which allows us to identify at-risk children very early in life. This provides opportunities for prevention of later substance abuse, school drop out, and delinquency. Dr. Tapert addresses the extent to which heavy alcohol and other drug use during the teenage years might affect brain development and cognitive performance into young adulthood. She also describes research projects using neuropsychological testing and brain imaging to better understand cognition in youth who are heavy users of alcohol and other drugs.

The Allen L. Edwards Lectureship was established to bring prominent and nationally distinguished psychologists to the University of Washington to participate in seminars, public lectures, and formal courses. This free public series is made possible by a generous bequest from Professor Allen L. Edwards. Professor Edwards was associated with UW Psychology for half a century, from his arrival in 1944 as an associate professor until his death in 1994. He was an outstanding teacher, researcher, and writer, credited with changing the way modern psychological research is done by introducing statistical techniques to the sciences. n

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