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Students praise UW Psychology

The following quotes were taken from the 2004 graduating class’ exit interviews. Read more on our website []

“Interesting classes, dedicated teachers (professors), high academic standards, helpful advisors, and 499 experience.” – a BA student

“The research and internship opportunities are excellent and provide students with unparalleled hands-on experience.” – a BS student

“The smaller classes in lab and 400-level courses were helpful. My professors seemed to really care about how much I was learning.” – a BA student

“I enjoyed the major and think it will help immensely in my future career as a nurse and generally as a person, to have a better understanding of fellow human beings and myself.” – a BA student

“This department has been good in that it really ties in writing, science, math, and theory. It is very well rounded.” – a BA student

“Because of Psych I have a vast array of skills a knowledge that can be applied to many things, including law, business, research and rock & roll (seriously!).” – a BS student

“They make you get out of your comfort zone. I believe the students graduating are well rounded and prepared for a job in the workforce.” – a BA student

“Excellent professors who cared about our futures as individuals.” – a BS student