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Psych 499 research receives high marks

“499 was a great experience! I was allowed a great deal of independence and was able to develop an independent research project. I’ve stuck with the same 499 lab for almost 2 years now will be sad to leave.” – a BS student

“EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE! I enjoyed being part of a larger “professional” psych community.” – a BA student

“I’ve had the opportunity to present at national conferences, design my own study, etc. I built a solid relationship with my faculty sponsor and s/he encouraged me to do the honor program. Because of this I’m now applying to Psych Ph.D. programs.” – a BS student

“My Psych 499 experience was with a breast cancer research study at Fred Hutch. It is possibly one the most eye-opening experience of my time here at UW. Getting a glimpse of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff in study was very interesting.” – a BA student

“499 was the best part of the psych program. Meeting a great professor and working side by side is crucial to the psych experience.” – a BS student

“REAL psych work. I love my 499’s and am taking many more 499 credits than needed. I am now employed through the professor of my first 499. Helped my choose a possible future career path.” – a BS student

“I wish I had gotten involved sooner – encourage more students to start before their senior year.” – a BS student

“I am in 499 right now, and I really enjoy working so closely with the professors. It’s nice to send out an email with your name on it and to have the professor actually know who you are.” – a BA student