Newsletter Section


Graduate Accomplishments

Teaching accomplishments:

Sona Dimidjian (adult clinical) was awarded a Huckabay Teaching Fellowship for 2004-2005. Jurate Lasiene (behavioral neuroscience), Reo Wexler Newring (adult clinical), Mark Oakes (cognition/perception), and Deborah Ignatoff Paulsen (animal behavior) were honored with the department’s 2004 Distinguished Teaching Award which recognizes excellence in teaching throughout their graduate careers.

Roko Hiroi and Jurate Lasiene (both in behavioral neuroscience) were nominated for the prestigious UW Excellence in Teaching Award in 2004, which is awarded to only two UW graduate students per year.

Research accomplishments:

Karen Chan (adult clinical) was awarded a research support grant from UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute. This complements her NIH/NRSA graduate fellowship awarded last year to work with Prof. Alan Marlatt.

Min Jung Kim (behavioral neuroscience) was selected for the competitive Riken Brain Science Institute 2004 Summer Program held in Japan.

Heather Knapp (cognition/perception) was awarded a NIH/NSRA fellowship to study the role of attention in the American Sign Language perception with Prof. David Corina.

Julie Kotler (child clinical) was awarded best student poster at the meeting of the Association for Applied Behavioral Therapy by the Parenting and Families Special Interest Group. She works with Prof. Bob McMahon.

James Mc Partland (child clinical) was awarded a UW Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship for 2004-2005 to continue his work with Prof. Geri Dawson.

David Pantalone (adult clinical) was awarded a NIH/NSRA fellowship to study intimate partner violence among HIV-infected outpatients with Prof. Jane Simoni. He also received a student travel award to participate in the Workshop on Responsible Conduct of Research in Psychological Science sponsored by APA and the U.S. Dept. of HHS in April.

Ann Voorhies (behavioral neuroscience) was awarded a NIH/NSRA fellowship to study neural substrates of natural reward with Prof. Ilene Bernstein.

Ursula Whiteside (adult clinical) took first place for her poster at the Washington State Psychological Convention. The poster, “Factors Affecting Reliability: Considerations in Using Undergraduate Raters,” was developed with Salene Wu and Allisen Landry, both undergraduate students in Psych 499 and recent UW Psychology graduates.

Iris Zemach (cognition/perception) was accepted to the selective Cold Spring Harbor 2004 summer course in Computational Neuroscience: Vision, held in New York. She works with Profs. Mike Rudd and Davida Teller.