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Congratulations to the Clinical Psychology Area... recipient of the 2007 Award for Innovative Practices in Graduate Education in Psychology, Presented by the APA Board of Educational Affairs!

The award was based on the department's innovations in integrating science with clinical training. These innovations include (a) the development of a computerized clinical data collection system in the Psychological Services and Training Center to collect psychotherapy process and outcome data on a session-by-session basis for training and program evaluation purposes; (b) specialized science-based training practica on empirically-supported therapies developed by area faculty; (c) a recently-established science-informed clinical case presentation requirement for advanced students; (d) enhanced multicultural competency training procedures developed by graduate students and faculty; and (e) initiatives in applying concepts and methods from other areas of psychology to clinical research and practice. The prestigious APA award comes on the heels of a 2003 Distinguished Program Award from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.