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Lucia Magis-Weinberg co-authors APA Health Advisory on social media use in adolescence

Lucía Magis-Weinberg, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the interACTlab was one of the committee members who authored the American Psychological Association Health Advisory on Social Media Use in Adolescence, which published 10 recommendations to provide guidance to educators, parents, policymakers, mental health and health practitioners, technology companies and youth about how to maximize the benefits and minimize the harms of online platforms. The report received the endorsement of the US Surgeon General who said “I am thankful to the APA for their leadership in issuing science-based recommendations that can provide guidance to families across the country as they navigate the use of these platforms.”

The reported has been widely cited by news outlets: 
NBC Chicago: What Psychologists Recommend Parents Do Amid ‘Health Advisory' for Kids' Social Media Use Teens should be trained before entering the world of social media, APA says 
ABC News: American Psychological Association issues advisory for teens and social media 
The Hill: APA issues new guidelines on social media use for kids 

Among the 10 recommendations, the report calls for the need to train adolescents on social media literacy. Dr. Magis-Weinberg's research at UW is focused on working with schools to design and test school interventions that promote digital citizenship. Her lab's work highlights the importance of early adolescence as a prime time for promotion of healthy digital habits since youth are open to guidance from parents and teachers as they open their first social media accounts. Congratulations Lucía!