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Clara Wilkins is featured in a Harvard University Women in Psychology newsletter

Clara Wilkins was featured in the Centering Voices column of the Harvard University Women in Psychology newsletter:

Dr. Wilkins is a UW Psychology Associate Professor and directs the Social Perceptions and Intergroup Attitudes Lab. Her lab focuses on understanding in-equality and how social hierarchies are maintained. She examines perceptions of bias against dominant social groups (e.g. anti-male, anti-White and anti-Christian bias) and how these perceptions affect intergroup relations and discrimination against disadvantaged groups (women, people of color and LGBTQ+ people). She is also interested in how variation in physical appearance (e.g. how stereo-typically Black or Asian people look) affects outcomes for racial minorities.  

Women in Psychology (WiP) at Harvard University is an organization with over 60 graduate student, post-doc, employee, and faculty members. The primary aims of WiP are to encourage inclusion and diversity in psychological science and to provide support, resources, and community for group members. WiP hosts educational events about gender issues in academia, professional development workshops, research presentations, and social networking opportunities.