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Publishers Weekly announced that the North American rights for Chantel Prat’s book, The Neuroscience of You, were just sold to Dutton Books.

Deal-o-Mania Reigns at Dutton

The deal-making activity at Dutton this past week was supercharged, with three executive editors making four acquisitions. Editor-in-chief John Parsley was impressed, telling PW , “Dutton has a small and selective list of 50 titles, so it’s been amazing for our editors to acquire, in just a few days, such a percentage of what we acquire in a full year. These are discussable, definitive, must-have books, and we’re excited they’ve become part of the Dutton we’re building.”

Brent Howard snapped up North American rights to Misfire by NPR investigative reporter Tim Mak from Keith Urbahn and Matt Latimer at Javelin. The publisher described the book as “a groundbreaking work on the NRA.” In a second deal, Howard bought Titans: How Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Roosevelt Were Made by War , the next book from Phillips Payson O’Brien (The Second Most Powerful Man in the World ). Alexa Stark and Ellen Levine at Trident Media brokered the deal for world English rights.

At auction,Lindsey Rose won S.K. Barnett’s Back , which the publisher called “an electrifying psychological thriller.” Richard Pine at Inkwell Management negotiated the deal for North American rights.

Lastly, turning toward brainy matters, Jill Schwartzman bought North American rights from Margo Beth Fleming at Brockman for The Neuroscience of You by cognitive neuroscientist Chantel Prat .

Read the announcement in Publishers Weekly .