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Kristina Olson was quoted in this KQED Science article on gender nonconforming youth.

A Quarter of California Adolescents May Be ‘Gender Nonconforming.’ So What Does That Mean?

By Jon Brooks

You may have seen recent news of a survey finding that 27 percent of California youth ages 12 to 17 are “gender nonconforming.”

That sounds pretty high. I might even put the word “whopping” before “27 percent.”

But I have to say, I’ve been covering the gender story for more than a year, and when I saw the headlines, I wasn’t quite sure what gender nonconforming meant. Gender terminology, like gender itself these days, can be fairly fluid.

‘Gender nonconforming is not a synonym for transgender. Rather it typically refers to a much greater number of people who defy stereotypes of their sex. This term can include tomboys, for example.’Kristina Olson , University of Washington.

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