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Tony Greenwald's work on racial attitudes is looking at presidential elections.

"The potency of race is not weakening," says Greenwald. "Nearly four years into Obama's presidency, people overlook that his race does still matter." After the 2008 election of President Barack Obama, many proclaimed that the country had entered a post-racial era in which race was no longer an issue. However, a new large-scale study shows that racial attitudes have already played a substantial role in 2012, during the Republican primaries. They may play an even larger role in this year's presidential election.
Other collaborators on this survey project include Teri Kirby and Kaiyuan Xu, both at UW.
Anyone can take the Decision 2012 IAT (Implicit Association Test) on-line at
“Race still an issue for voters, 4 years on,”
“Unconscious racial attitudes playing large role in 2012 presidential vote,"