Substance Use Evaluation

Substance Use Evaluations

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In conjunction with the Addictive Behaviors Research Center in the Department of Psychology, the Clinic periodically offers substance use evaluations conducted under the supervision of licensed psychologists. Substance use evaluations are offered subject to the availability of therapists, with greatest availability occurring during the academic year. The evaluations usually take three to four meetings and are conducted by graduate students in clinical psychology under the supervision of licensed psychologists. The evaluations typically consist of one or two in-person interviews, one session to complete questionnaires, and a feedback session to address particular questions or concerns and provide recommendations.

The purpose of the substance use evaluation is to assist the client in generating options and facilitate decision-making and goal-setting regarding the behavior of interest. Our approach is designed to be flexible based on individual questions, concerns, and goals. The total cost of the evaluation is $200, to be paid at the first session. A reduced fee may be available for those with economic hardships