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UW Psychology is delighted to introduce our 2018 Edwards Lecture Series speakers.

The UW psychology department will host our 13th Annual Allen L. Edwards Lecture Series on April 25, May 2, and May 9. With a common thread of “optimizing human potential”, leading psychologists will explore the latest in psychological science and its implication in our everyday lives. Register for one or all lectures today.

We’re pleased to introduce the 2018 Edwards lecture UW faculty speakers: Mary Larimer, Sheri Mizumori, and Yuichi Shoda. Each of these faculty members will partner with a distinguished scholar from another university, and will together share their innovative scholarship with the greater community. We invite you to get to know our UW professors and their work.

Mary Larimer 

Dr. Mary Larimer’s research examines health disparities, prevention, and treatment of alcohol use disorders and related comorbid conditions. In her lecture, Dr. Larimer will illustrate how alcohol misuse by college students is an important public health concern, associated with numerous deaths, injuries, assaults, and academic consequences. She will review both causes and consequences of alcohol misuse by students and discuss important advances in prevention to improve college student health.

Dr. Larimer’s guest speaker is Dr. Robert Turrisi of Pennsylvania State University.

Sheri Mizumori 

Dr. Sheri Mizumori’s work aims to discover how the healthy brain mediates memories and decisions so that we can employ evidence-based interventions that improve memory and decision processes. In her lecture, Dr. Mizumori will consider how significant changes in our ability to learn, remember, and make decisions occur throughout our lifetime, often due to brain trauma, disease, or the natural aging process. To improve memory and decision, we must know how the healthy brain mediates these concepts. She will explore new discoveries that suggest behavioral interventions to improve the brain’s aging.

Dr. Mizumori’s guest speaker is Dr. Michael Yassa of University of California, Irvine.

Yuichi Shoda

Dr. Yuichi Shoda's research investigates self-regulation and is directed at understanding and predicting the situations that optimize a person's well-being and productivity. In his lecture, Dr. Shoda will discuss how delaying gratification is made easier, or more difficult, by changing relatively insignificant parts of the waiting situation. He examines how changing our behavior in positive ways may require recognizing our limited ability to resist situational influences, learning how our behaviors are affected by them, and altering the situation.

Dr. Shoda’s guest speaker is Dr. David Laibson of Harvard University.