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Stephanie Fryberg and collaborators are awarded a $500,000 gift to expand culturally-relevant, growth-minded curriculum nationwide with goal of reducing achievement gaps.

Associate Professor Stephanie Fryberg and her collaborators (Postdoc Laura Brady, Megan Bang of the UW College of Education, and Mary Murphy of Indiana University) were awarded a $500,000 gift to scale up and expand the Enhancing Cultural Toolkits and Student Mindsets Institute curriculum with teachers across the country. The program partners with K-6 teachers to give them the tools they need to connect with students in culturally-relevant, growth-minded ways in order to promote student learning, engagement, and performance and to reduce racial and social class achievement gaps. The gift was made at the discretion of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck as part of a $4 million Yidan Prize that Dweck received this fall.

With support from the Yidan Foundation, Stephanie and her team will scale up and further experimentally test the curriculum with teachers around the country. They intend to use the gift to translate the curriculum into interactive modules that teach educators how to create culturally-inclusive, growth-mindset classroom cultures. They will provide teachers with online access to the modules and collect data regarding how they’re used in order to examine which aspects of training are most critical to improving teachers’ practices and reducing racial and social class achievement gaps in school.

Congratulations, Stephanie!