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Published: 06/12/2018
Summer 2018

Undergraduate Program

President's Medalist: Grace Woodard

Grace Woodard
Grace Woodard

Growing up in Eastern Washington, Grace Woodard notes that it was not always easy to be a Husky fan. Thankfully, Grace's father, a UW alumnus, not only taught her to be a fan of the Dawgs but, as her high school AP Psychology teacher, helped to ignite her passion for the discipline. Fast forward to the present and Grace is doing her father and her department proud as she was recently awarded the President's Medal.

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Bonderman Fellow: Melissa Guzman

Melissa Guzman
Melissa Guzman

Melissa Guzman first learned of the Bonderman Fellowship during her sophomore year. It sparked an interest which intensified following her participation in a study abroad program in Spain. "Those months abroad really taught me about my capabilities for traveling solo and being independent," recalls Melissa, "which solidified my desire to embark on an eight month solo journey."

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Graduation Keynote Speaker: Chris Pugh

Chris Pugh
Chris Pugh

With the ultimate goal of becoming a licensed mental health counselor, pursuing a degree in Psychology was a logical next step for Chris Pugh. As a Psychology major, he found both an academic home and a community of like-minded people. Considering his experiences within the major, Chris notes that he has been "fortunate enough to come across many different students, from all walks of life, whose primary reason for working within the major has been to be of service to others."

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Graduation Keynote Speaker: Stephanie Yu

Stephanie Yu
Stephanie Yu

Stephanie Yu has always been passionate about increasing understanding and awareness of the mental health field. Inspired by relatives and friends who have disabilities, she was drawn to the Psychology major as she wanted to learn more about behavioral and societal influences that affect us all. "Psychology has taught me how valuable it is to not just make assumptions about people but also to deeply understand and make connections with people," says Stephanie.

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Undergraduate Accomplishments

The Psychology Department is proud of the numerous accomplishments of our exceptional undergraduate students. This academic year has been a truly exciting one with many of our students earning scholarships, awards, and recognitions.

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