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Published: 11/12/2004
Autumn 2004

Community Relations

Special thanks to the following 2003-2004 supporters:

Nadine R. Anderson, Ph.D.

Mr. Richard A. Andrews

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Baird, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Baleto

Patricia K. Barr, Ph.D.

Mr. Brian J. Barton

Ms. Kamantha M. Berglund

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Bernard

Ms. Shirley A. Blea

Denise M. Boelens, Ph.D.

Mr. Joseph A. Boldan

Ms. Marilee A. Bostic

Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Bouton

Drs. Edward Bowden & Sylvia Beyer

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Boyle

Mr. Britton Brewer and Ms. Van Raalte

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bromberg

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Brown

Prof. Steven Buck & Dr. Jeanette Norris

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Campbell Jr.

Drs. Susan Glogovac and Earl Carlson

Ms. Lynn M. Carter

Mr. Tyon V. B. Castro

Ms. Rebecca M. Coleman

Ms. Alicia K. Collett

Rebecca C. Cortes, Ph.D.

Ms. Jennifer Satran Craven

Claudette Cummings, Ph.D.

Ms. Elizabeth T. Curran

Dr. Kelly Davis and Mr. Eric Schuh

Linda Ann Dimeff, Ph.D.

Mr. Eric S. Dodd

Ms. Kelly L. Erickson

Estate of Allen L. Edwards

Estate of Robert C. Bolles

Dr. Corey Fagan

Ms. Susan J. Farley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Figgins

Mr. and Mrs. Terence G. Finegan

Ms. Brandi C. Fink

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Fitch

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fitzhugh

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Fosmire

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Foster

Sandra P. Frankmann, Ph.D.

Mr. Melvin H. Fujino

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Gardner

Mr. Richard H. Gates, Jr.

Mr. Daniel Gerler

Ms. Polly J. Gibbons

Dr. Lisa Goehler and Mr. Ronald Gaykema

Mr. Tom Jones & Dr. Beth Goodlin-Jones

Drs. Kenneth G. Jens and Betty N. Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Green

Prof. and Mrs. Anthony G. Greenwald

Debra U. Greenwood, Ph.D.

Mr. Eric G. Gurrad

Regan A. Gurung, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. James Ha

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hertzog

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Hines

Mr. Marc G. Hirai

Ms. Margaret E. Hix

Drs. Susan and William Holliday

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hoving

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hultquist

Mr. Keith C. Ikeda

Prof. and Mrs. Ronald S. Irving

James A. Carlsen, CPA

Ms. Betty Johanna

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle W. Johnston

Ms. Leslie R. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick M. Jones

Susan Janet Kendall

Mr. and Mrs. M. Kinnee

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kulkosky

Ms. Jennifer N. Lamb

Dr. J.R. Larson

Jr and Dr. I.R. Gochman

Ms. Kristine Larson & Mr. Richard Gemmell

Mr. Jeffrey Chun Lau

Ms. Janis Leigh

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Len

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lissak

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mannon

Mary Gallagher Law Office

Drs. Craig Mason and Shihfen Tu

Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Matsushima II

Ms. Shannon Marie McDonough

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mckain

Ms. Carmela R. Minaya

Ms. Judyth I. Miranti

Dr. Stacey Mizokawa Brown and Mr. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Molenda

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Moser

Mr. Dominic M. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Musser

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Nelligan

Nesbit Architecture

Ms. My Nga Thi Nguyen

Mr. Tuyen P. Nguyen

Mr. S. Mitchell & Ms.Stepahnie Nishimoto

Mr. Jayvee R. Olinares

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Pand

Mr. David W. Parker

Dr. Electra and Mr. Howard Paskett

Mr. and Mrs. Monte R. Phillips

Dr. S. Poltrock and Ms. F. Agnoli

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Porter

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Prince

Mr. Merle T. Proulx

Mr. and Mrs. Roger K.P. Rauth

Ms. Martha E. Rhodes

Ms. Louise A. Roberts

John Irving Rockwell, MSW

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Ruiz

Ms. Carrie L. Runge

Randall J. Russac, Ph.D.

LTC and Mrs. Michael L. Russell

Ms. Dena Marie Sablan

Ms. Gretchen B. Schwinn

Mr. John E. D. Shade

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Shimer

Ms. Julia N. Shozen

Mr. Paul B. Silvestre

Ms. Jane M. Simoni & Ms. Karina Walters

Ms. Helen C. Sing

Ms. Sheila J. Skillingstead

Ms. Esmeralda Solorzano

Mr. Ronald C. Soper

Ms. Evelyn E. Steinman

Mr. Michael L. Sterne

Mr. Joseph E. Stipek

Ms. Breezann K. Stouffer

Ms. Michelle L. Stringfellow

Mr. Robert C. Swanson

Talaris Research Institute

Mr. Bert and Mrs. Kelli Taniguchi

Mr. Corwin Haeck & Ms. Rebecca Thatcher

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Thompson

Mrs. Mary Jane Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Erickson

Charles David Traynor, Ph.D.

Cheryl J. Wade, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Walters

Mr. Douglas Alan Warden

Dr. and Mrs. David G. Weight

Ms. Marguerite M. Weis

Adam Mark Weisman, Ph.D.

Western Acquisition, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Martin B. Wikoff

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Wiley

Ms. Brenda J. Williams

Ms. J. Renee Wilson

Ms. Virginia C. Winger

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ziegler