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Published: 12/05/2013

Winter 2013

From the Chair

Sheri Mizumori

The 2013-2014 year is off to a fabulous start. We celebrated the arrival of three new faculty members and we are also thrilled to begin work with our new graduate students and undergraduate majors who arrived from all parts of the country. Read Sheri Mizumori's letter. 

McNair Scholar receives fellowship to study language

Jose Ceballos

“This is it… Seattle is the city for me.” From his first night in the city, Jose Ceballos knew he had made the right decision to pursue his PhD at the University of Washington. The McNair Fellowship will now help him carry out his first year project to see if multilingual people control impulsive behavior differently than those who only speak one language. Read More

Public lectures tackle the science of decision making

Edwards Lectures 2014

How do we make decisions when faced with uncertainty? How do we make good decisions about topics in which we are not experts?? How do the different regions of the brain impact the decisions we make? These are some of the questions notable psychologists from both inside and outside of the UW will examine in this year’s Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lecture Series. Read More

Insight from a Ford Fellow

Arianne Eason

Knowledge, community, and action, that is what drives Ford Fellow and 2nd year graduate student Arianne Eason. She shares how her fellowship has shaped her education and allowed her to ask questions at the intersection of developmental and social psychology while preparing her to help promote positive interracial interactions, especially in childhood.  Read More

Transfer students dive into psychology with major-based orientation

How do you help transfer students hit the ground running? You welcome them into their academic communities from day one. This past summer, the Psychology Department was among a growing number of departments that expanded a pilot of this innovative approach to orientation sessions. Read More

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