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Published: 06/01/2013

Summer 2013

Greetings from the Chair

Photo: Sheri Mizumori

Welcome to the Psychology Department’s celebration of accomplishments of this past year! We continued to instruct close to 50,000 hours in the classroom, and many of our undergraduate students were recognized as our society’s future leaders and scholars. Our graduate students not only conducted cutting edge research, but many of them were awarded local and national prizes for their achievements. And our 2013 annual Edwards Public Lecture Series showcased ways in which our faculty and students’ research impacts our everyday lives. Read more from Sheri Mizumori.

New NSF Fellow Studies Cognitive Ability of Crows
Kelsey McCune
Photo: Kelsey McCune

After college, Kelsey McCune explored several field jobs, including working at a wildlife rehabilitation center. "After many long hours spent hanging out with a crow patient, I was hooked on birds, and corvids in particular," says McCune, now a UW graduate student in animal behavior. McCune, a recipient of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, studies the factors affecting the evolution of intelligence across taxa. "Corvids are a great system to study this because the species shows a range of social systems and ecological environments," she says. Read more.

Jenna Andrews: Finding the 'Sweet Spot'
Photo: Jenna Andrews
Photo: Jenna Andrews

When Jenna Andrews transferred to the UW from Seattle Central Community College, she expected to go through her years at the UW with her head down, just going through the motions. But after taking a class designed for transfer students planning to major in psychology, things started to click for Andrews, whose previous training was as a pastry chef. She has since been a research assistant and peer teaching assistant, and has traveled to Japan to study its higher education system as an undergraduate fellow for the College of Arts and Sciences' C21 Program. Read more.

Building Adolescent Resilience: From Research to Real World

CCFW logo

Adolescence matters. That is the message that faculty affiliates in the Adolescent Resilience Core at the CCFW have been emphasizing through extensive outreach efforts, including collaborations with state and local agencies. Among their projects is a pilot test of mindfulness-based intervention, in collaboration with the Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration, aimed at improving self-regulation in a juvenile justice setting. Read more.

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