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Published: 12/05/2012

Winter 2012

Greetings from the Chair

Greetings to all of our friends! The 2012-2013 year has hit the ground running with great excitement. We welcomed new cohorts of simply outstanding graduate students and undergraduate majors, as well as three faculty members who add new dimensions of scholarly activity that will significantly enhance the quality of our research and teaching missions, especially in the areas of adult and child clinical, cognitive, and neurocomputational psychology. Read more from Sheri Mizumori.

2013 Edwards Lecture Series: The Science of Psychology in the Real World

Edwards 2013The 2013 Edwards Lecture Series will address the theme of The Science of Psychology in the Real World, with lectures by three UW faculty. Topics include Reinventing the Human-Nature Relationship in the Digital Age; The New Science of Adolescence: Understanding Risky Behavior; and Human Memory and the Law. The series begins February 20, 2013. For details on speakers, dates, and how to register, read more.

Introducing CCFW's Mindful Living and Practice Initiative

CCFW LogoThe Psychology Department’s Center for Child and Family Well-Being has launched a new initiative, Mindful Living and Practice, that aims to promote the positive development and well-being of children and families by engendering, translating, applying, and sharing knowledge about mindfulness. The initiative will provide parents, educators, and practitioners ready access to the latest evidence-based knowledge about mindfulness as well as opportunities for training in mindfulness practices. Read more.

Field Research in Indonesia: An Immersion in Science and Culture

FieldworkProfessor Randy Kyes and ten students--including six undergraduate and one graduate student from UW--spent nearly four weeks last summer observing and studying free-ranging longtailed macaque monkeys on an island off the coast of Java, through the International Field Study Program-Indonesia, entering its 18th year. Each of this past year's cohort received a $1300 stipend through the United States Indonesia Partnership Program; UW was one of six U.S. universities to receive this funding from the Department of State.Read more.

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