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Published: 05/11/2012

Summer 2012

Greetings from the Chair

Photo: Sheri Mizumori

The Psychology Department made major progress this year despite the recent economic challenges, thanks to the adaptive and visionary actions of our entire team of faculty, students, and staff. It has been a thrilling year, with a successful lecture series, the hiring of new faculty, and a record-breaking number of students in our Honors Program. Read more from Sheri Mizumori.

Fear and Pooh at Paws-on Science

Photo: A brave toddler explores Associate Professor Lori Zoellner’s booth on fear at PAWS on Science at the Pacific Science Center.

Mystery boxes to study fear. A demonstration of fecal sample collection, with fake 'pooh." At the Pacific Science Center's PAWS-on Science event, held March 30 through April 1, Psychology professors Lori Zoellner and Randy Kyes shared their research, making it engaging for visitors of any age. Close to 10,000 people attended the event, which showcased almost 50 UW research groups. Read more.

Grad School 101

Vicky Hansen and BeccaMany Psychology majors come to advisors Vicky Hansen and Tracy Maschmann Morrissey with questions about applying to graduate school. Noticing that many of the students' concerns are the same, Hansen and Morrissey developed a ten-week class on the graduate school application process, complete with writing assignments and guest speakers. Read more.

Distinguished Staff Award Nomination - Michele Jacobs

Photo: Michele Jacobs

Our Departmental Administrator ‘extraordinaire’, Michele Jacobs, was nominated for the 2012 UW Distinguished Staff Award and honored along with other nominees at a campus-wide reception. Michele juggles numerous administrative roles, seamlessly integrating the many facets of her job and serving as an invaluable resource for almost every major administrative decision in the department. Congratulations, Michele! Read more.

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