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Published: 12/16/2010

Winter 2010

From the Chair

Photo of Chair Sheri Mizumori The Psychology Department has continued to move forward in exciting ways, including the launch of our first professional certificate program (in Early Childhood Leadership), co-sponsorship of a public forum on autism research, and a trip to Beijing to identify collaborative projects. And we are looking forward to our 6th Annual Edwards Public Lecture Series, which will focus on 'Diversity, Culture and Behavior'. Read more from Sheri Mizumori.

Faculty Explore Collaborations in China

Jane Simoni, Jessia Sommerville, Brian Flaherty, When assistant professor Janxin Leu was an undergraduate in China, there were about 15 departments of psychology in the entire country.  Less than two decades later, there are almost 250. This fall, four faculty from the UW Department of Psychology traveled to China to investigate and explore collaborations, meeting with researchers and top public health officials. Read more.

Edward's Lectures 2011: Diversity, Culture and Behavior

Edwards SpeakersSince 2004, the Psychology Department has hosted the annual Allen Edwards Lecture Series. For 2011, Professors Sapna Cheryan, Cheryl Kaiser, and Jane Simoni will speak about (respectively) gender stereotypes and career choice; the role of diversity research in discrimination-related policy and law; and global mental health and HIV. Read more.

Alum Honored by College of Arts & Sciences

Michael Posner and Ana Mari CauceMichael Posner (MS Psychology, '59), recipient of the prestigious National Medal of Science in 2008, returned to campus in October 2010 and was honored by the College of Arts and Sciences for his outstanding contributions to the field of psychology. Posner, one of the first scientists to use imaging techniques to localize mental functions in the brain, is considered by many to be the father of modern cognitive neuroscience. Read more.

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