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Published: 06/01/2010

Summer 2010

From the Chair

Photo of Sheri MizumoriPsychology is now widely considered a ‘bridge science’ that serves as a research core for a diverse array of scholars, with psychologists included in research and development teams in businesses, educational institutions, clinical settings, and government agencies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that professional opportunities in the field of psychology are expected to increase dramatically at least through 2016. Read more from Sheri Mizumori.

UW Parenting Conference on Early Learning

Image of conference website

Recognizing that parents are the experts in their own children’s development, faculty and researchers at the UW Department of Psychology’s Center for Child and Family Well-being recently brought parents into the conversation about promoting positive development in children.  Sharing the latest research findings in this field, the Center is hosted the first UW Parenting Conference in conjunction with Outreach & Extension’s UW Conference on Early Learning

 Read more.

Hunt Recognized for Lifetime Contribution

Photo of Buzz HuntBuz Hunt, emeritus professor of psychology, will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Association for Psychological Science at its 2011 conference. The award comes on the heels of a lifetime achievement award from the International Society for Intelligence in 2009. Buz's primary research interest has been individual differences in cognition, with an emphasis on intelligence. Read more.

Psychology Undergrads: Meet Some of Our Stars

Image of Aditya GanapathirajuMore than 800 UW undergraduates major in psychology, making it among the most popular majors at the University. Their interests vary widely, covering everything from child development to social dynamics to human-robot interaction. "Psychology is relevant to almost every aspect of life that concerns human behavior, so it seemed to me to be a fundamental subject to be studied," says senior Aditya Ganapathiraju (above), explaining his choice of major. In this newsletter, read about the impressive accomplishments of six psychology majors, including Ganapathiraju. Read more.

Allen L. Edwards Public Lectureship in Psychology

image of Edwards Lectures 2011

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