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Published: 05/09/2016

Summer 2016

Letter from the Chair
Sheri Mizumori

June is such a magical time of the year for our department! Almost 500 of our undergraduate majors graduated, and they are now transitioning into their new lives as active members, and in many cases leaders, of our society. Read Sheri's Letter

Students Remember Buz Hunt
Buz Hunt and Family
Photo: Buz, Marylou, and Family

The Psychology Department is remembering Professor Earl "Buz" Hunt who passed away in April 2016. Buz and his wife, Marylou, created a fellowship which supported graduate students with their independent research. So far, they have provided 14 awards to students from all areas of our program! (Photo: APS)  Read more

Celebrating our Graduating Seniors!
Alicia Mendez Sawers Polo DeCano
Alicia Mendez Sawers Polo DeCano

With a record 500 students earning their bachelor's degrees in Psychology over the course of this year there are many things -- and many people -- to celebrate. On June 6, many of these graduating seniors, along with their proud families and friends, filled the HUB Ballrooms as we celebrated their accomplishments at the Psychology Graduation Celebration. Read more

Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Pilot Awards
Stone_1 Sommerville (1)
Wendy Stone Jessica Sommerville 

The Psychology Department held its first funding competition for Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Pilot Awards (FIRPA) last spring. These projects aimed to generate exciting research questions that connect different sub-areas of the department. The first round of recipients represented a variety of departmental research areas, including child and adult clinical psychology, behavioral neuroscience, developmental psychology, and social psychology, and asked questions at the nexus of trauma, memory, autism, culture, and school violence. (Photo: PBS) Read more



Department of Psychology 100th Anniversary Logo Design Contest

Next year, marks the Department of Psychology’s 100th Anniversary. The UW Department of Psychology needs a new logo for our 100th Anniversary! We would like to mark this celebration with a new logo that reflects the work, research, and education of our Department.

We are putting out the call to our current and former students, faculty, and staff to help us celebrate by submitting a design that commemorates this exciting anniversary. Please see the criteria, rules, and prizes below. We look forward to announcing the new logo in September as we start the year of celebrations!

Selection Criteria
The Department of Psychology will evaluate all entries based on the following criteria (though other criteria may be considered):
• Relevance - the entry should be consistent with the Department of Psychology’s goals and values;
• Originality - the entry should be creative, innovative, and the original work of the artist entering the contest; and
• Aesthetic Quality - the entry should command attention, display visual balance and color coordination, and contain elements which work together for a unified and appealing design.

We are looking for a design that:
• Captures the excitement and rigor of our global learning community;
• Reflects our core values of innovation, discovery, societal impact, 21st century learning, and community
• Uses "UW Department of Psychology” or “UW Psychology”
• Works within the University of Washington brand.

Who are we?
The Psychology Department is one of the largest in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington. Our internationally recognized faculty members follow a rich tradition of pioneering fundamental discoveries about the causes of behavior from biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, and social perspectives.

UW Psychology Department undergraduate and graduate students learn to think critically and creatively about psychological issues through innovative classroom instruction. We also strive to provide our students with a rich variety of research and internship opportunities.

It is an exciting time in the UW Psychology Department. As we enter our 100th year, we look forward to a bright future that incorporates new interdisciplinary visions that enhance our research and instructional potential as well as extend our effort to disseminate new knowledge, ideas, and practice to the public locally and abroad.

The winner will receive a $300 reward in the form of gift cards. If the winning design is produced by more than one artist, the Department of Psychology will award one prize of $300 (dividing the prize equally will be the responsibility of the artist who submitted the design).

The Department of Psychology reserves the right not to select a winner, if in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.

Official Rules:
The following are the official rules for the UW Department of Psychology Logo Contest:
• Individuals may submit no more than three entries. Each entry requires a separate Entry Form;
• All submitted work must be the original work of the entrant;
• Each entry must be credited to a single individual. The Department of Psychology Logo Contest does not accept entries from pairs or teams;
• We would like entries to come from current and former Department of Psychology students, faculty, and staff;
• All entries will become the property of the Department of Psychology;
• By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees that any and all intellectual property rights in the logo design are deemed assigned to University of Washington’s Department of Psychology;
• The winning logo will be chosen by a panel of judges appointed at the Department of Psychology's discretion. Their decision will be final;
• The Department of Psychology reserves the right not to select a winner if no entries satisfy judging criteria;
• All entries must be submitted as scalable vectors, and must be adaptable to change, including size alterations and color/grayscale shifts; and
• Contestants are encouraged to refer to University of Washington’s brand guidelines when developing a logo:

How to Enter:
To enter the Department of Psychology 100th Anniversary Logo Design Contest, eligible participants must:

Complete the Official Entry Form on the next page;
• Create a logo design in JPG, PDF, or PSD formats;
• If you are chosen as a winner, you MUST be able to provide a high resolution vector file (e.g., in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign); and
• Submit your completed Entry Form and logo design to by 11:59 PM on July 1, 2016.

Click below for the entry form.

Department of Psychology 100th Anniversary Logo Design Contest

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