Psychology Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Teaching Awareness, Courage, and Love to Improve Social Connection

This project was expired on 12/10/2018


To find out about this 499 opportunity contact:

Contact name: Logan Wahl
Telephone: (425) 387-9765

Faculty Information

Faculty Advisor: Robert Kohlenberg
Department: Psychology
Office: 3917 Univ Way NE - Ste 207
Telephone: (206) 543-9898

Does faculty advisor meet with students?

If yes, how often? Weekly

Direct supervisor of students:

Logan Wahl and Mavis Tsai
Supervisor Title: Research Coordinator and Senior Research Scientist
Will 499 students participate in weekly or biweekly discussions sessions about research or project? Yes

Short Project Description

Social functioning is recognized as an important variable in many aspects of life including mental health, physical health, and quality of life. While social functioning is multi-faceted, one important aspect is that of building deep meaningful relationships as detailed in the relationship sciences. Data from 140 studies show that loneliness increases the risk of death more than excessive drinking, exposure to chronic air pollution and obesity, and as much as excessive smoking (Holt-Lunstad, Smith & Layton, 2010). Thus, our ability to form close relationships is at the core of our mental and physical health (Wetterneck & Hart, 2012). The current study is a six-session intervention that seeks to assess the impact of a brief group level training on social connectedness. Participants will engage in meditation or mindfulness exercises, journaling and/or watching inspirational videos on the themes of authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy. Participants will also share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a group setting and 1-on-1. Research assistants will assist with recruiting participants (e.g. posting fliers around Seattle), screening participants to determine eligibility for the study, calling participants to remind them to attend intervention sessions and to complete data collection forms, and other miscellaneous tasks. RAs will also attend weekly lab meetings. RAs who stay with the lab long term and whose interests align with the lab may earn opportunities to submit poster presentations or publications, and/or mentorship with the process of pursuing graduate school.

Work Schedule

Min. number of hours/weekstudent must work: 6
Evenings/weekends OK? Yes
Times a student must bepresent/work: Flexible; generally 9am-6pm but some evenings and weekends
Student commitment: 3 quarters minimum

499 Responsibilities

Working with Data Working with Subjects Working with Animals/physiology
% data entry % video taping % animal care
20 % database management % interview subjects % animal observation
% encoding data 20 % scheduling appt % surgical techniques
% library research 20 % running subjects % histology
% data collection % child care % laboratory protocols
    20 % recruiting subjects    

Other:20% screening participants, attending weekly lab sessions, other miscellaneous tasks as needed

Skills / Experience Preferred

-Working with people over the phone and in person -Comfortable with computers *Interested students should send their CV/resume and unofficial transcript to along with a short description of why they’re interested in the project and what their hopes/goals are for the experience