Psychology Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Mood, Impulsivity, and Substance Use in Young Adults

To find out about this 499 opportunity contact:

Contact name: Madi Feil
Telephone: (206) 295-5935

Faculty Information

Faculty Advisor: Kevin King
Associate Professor
Department: Psychology
Office: Guthrie 333

Does faculty advisor meet with students?

If yes, how often? 499s are welcome to attend weekly lab meetings with P.I. and students

Direct supervisor of students:

Madi Feil
Supervisor Title: Graduate Student
Will 499 students participate in weekly or biweekly discussions sessions about research or project? Yes

Short Project Description

This study seeks to understand how daily emotions impact impulse control and subsequent alcohol and marijuana use in a college student population. Participants come in for in-lab sessions in which they are oriented to the project and complete a baseline battery of questionnaires and behavioral tasks. Then, for the following two weeks, they receive mini-surveys to their smartphones multiple times per day to assess current mood and recent behaviors. Research assistants working on this study will be expected to 1) Meet with participants and walk them through the in-lab session procedures. 2) Track participants through their session of mini-surveys, including maintaining our tracking database and following up with participants as needed. 3) Attend weekly RA meetings to discuss study protocol and relevant literature. Additional opportunities are available in: statistical analysis, literature review, and study development and management. We look forward to helping our 499s grow in the areas that interest them.

Work Schedule

Min. number of hours/weekstudent must work: 6
Evenings/weekends OK? Yes
Times a student must bepresent/work: Students may schedule times to meet with participants flexibly between 8am-7pm, though times must be consistent throughout quarter.
Student commitment: Minimum of two quarter commitment required. Study does not run during Summer quarter.

499 Responsibilities

Working with Data Working with Subjects Working with Animals/physiology
15 % data entry % video taping % animal care
15 % database management % interview subjects % animal observation
% encoding data % scheduling appt % surgical techniques
10 % library research 60 % running subjects % histology
% data collection % child care % laboratory protocols
    % recruiting subjects    


Skills / Experience Preferred