Psychology Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Alcohol and Women's Emotions and Behaviors

This project was expired on 05/01/2018


To find out about this 499 opportunity contact:

Contact name: Cynthia Stappenbeck
Telephone: (206) 221-1642

Faculty Information

Faculty Advisor: Mary Larimer
Professor, Psychology and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Department: Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Office: 45th St Plaza - 312
Telephone: (206) 543-3513

Does faculty advisor meet with students?

If yes, how often? Dr. Stappenbeck will be present at the lab offices during regular hours and will interact with 499s during the normal operation of the project. One-on-one meetings can be arranged as needed.

Direct supervisor of students:

Cindy Ung
Will 499 students participate in weekly or biweekly discussions sessions about research or project? Select a valueSelect a value…

Short Project Description

This study is designed to evaluate an online skills-based intervention to reduce heavy drinking among college women. College women are contacted via email and asked to complete an online screening questionnaire to determine study eligibility. If eligible, they will be randomly assigned to the intervention or an assessment only control condition. The intervention condition consists of completing 14 daily skills modules as well as follow-up surveys. The skills include learning ways to manage emotions and tolerate distress, as well as practical skills to minimize risks associated with drinking. The following are areas where study help is needed: 1) participant tracking (helping to maintain our database regarding participant survey completion); 2) participant retention (e.g., making phone calls or sending emails or text messages to participants reminding them of surveys, assistant participants with issues taking surveys); and 3) assisting with project administration (e.g., help prepare human subjects application materials, research and manage library materials, conduct background research and literature reviews, program Qualtrics software with study materials). Opportunities for poster presentations including UW's Undergraduate Research Symposium will be considered.

Work Schedule

Min. number of hours/weekstudent must work: 6
Evenings/weekends OK? No
Times a student must bepresent/work: Students must be available to work M-F during normal business hours.
Student commitment: Minimum 2 quarters of 2-3 credits each quarter.

499 Responsibilities

Working with Data Working with Subjects Working with Animals/physiology
5 % data entry 0 % video taping 0 % animal care
30 % database management 0 % interview subjects 0 % animal observation
0 % encoding data 0 % scheduling appt 0 % surgical techniques
10 % library research 0 % running subjects 0 % histology
30 % data collection 0 % child care 0 % laboratory protocols
    25 % recruiting subjects    

Other:All students will be required to complete the online human subjects training prior to having any contact with potential participants. The training will be done as part of the 499 commitment unless the student has already received the certification.

Skills / Experience Preferred

PSYCH 209 preferred. Familiarity with Excel, SPSS, and Qualtrics desired.