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Ione Fine, Ph.D.

Degree From: University of Rochester

Interests: The effects of long-term visual deprivationAdult perceptual learning and plasticity.Retinal prostheses Psychophysics, fMRI and computational vision.


Phone (206) 685-6157
E-mail ionefine@uw.edu
Website http://www.finelab.org
Course Website(s)Psych 448A Development, Plasticity and Rehabilitation of Sensory Systems


Do I accept and train new psychology graduate students in general?
Am I accepting new graduate students in the upcoming year?
Yes 2017-2018
Cognition and Perception
Advising notes:
A group of vision people in the Cognition-Perception group (Scott Murray, Geoff Boynton and I) share lab space & lab meetings. I'd encourage you to look at the group as a whole. The best place to start is our web site http://depts.washington.edu/viscog/


My laboratory studies the computational and neurophysiological basis of visual processing, using a wide range of computational and experimental techniques, including functional magnetic resonance imaging, patient studies, psychophysics and computational modeling. Right now the lab has two main research directions. The first is plasticity in the visual system, including studies on perceptual learning in adulthood and the neural reorganization that occurs as a result of being blind or deaf. The second is developing better stimulation protocols for retinal prostheses. For more information go to www.finelab.org.

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