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Published: 06/20/2017

Summer 2017

Letter From the Chair
Ana Mari Cauce, Jeansok Kim
Ana Mari Cauce & Jeansok Kim at 100th celebration.

The UW Psychology Department was founded 100 years ago, in 1917! Our long standing tradition of taking multidisciplinary perspectives on behavior has allowed us (that is, our faculty along with our 25,000 undergraduate and 600 graduate students) to have positive impacts across all sectors of society, including law, medicine, scientific knowledge, education, engineering, and clinical and public service.

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Psychology Retirements
David Barash   Miriam bassok   Geoff Loftus   Jaime Olavarria
David Barash   Miriam Bassok   Geoff Loftus   Jaime Olavarria

Please join the Psychology Department in recognizing the distinguished contributions and service of our faculty who retired during the 2016-2017 academic year. These faculty leave significant legacies in our undergraduate and graduate programs and we wish them well in their retirements.

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Cognition/Perception Student Scores a Hat Trick of Honors
Brianna Yamasaki
Brianna Yamasaki

Brianna Yamasaki, currently completing her Ph.D. in Cognition and Perception with Dr. Chantel Prat, has been raking in the honors over the past year. Brianna descibes this remarkable year of awards below.

My research and teaching practices are guided by a passion for understanding and supporting individual differences in thinking and language abilities. This passion has led my program of research through a series of studies in which I explore the factors that lead to individual differences in reading ability.

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Katie Champoux: Life-long Husky Awarded McFarlane Scholarship
Katie Champoux
Katie Champoux

"I've been a Husky my whole life - I was born at the UW, attended UW camps in the summers, and the UW was my first choice for college."

     - Katie Champoux


A Husky from day one, Katharine (Katie) Champoux will enter her final year at UW as the recipient of an Irene Dickson McFarlane Tuition Scholarship. These $5000 scholarships rotate annually between the four divisions of the College of Arts and Sciences, and are intended to honor and support the College's very best undergraduate students. 

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Edwards Public Lectures Available Online

Allen L. Edwards Public Lectures

The 2017 Allen L. Edwards Public Lecture Series, Improving Society Through Brain Science, may now be viewed online at UWTV. These lectures give you a sample of the ways our Psychology and Brain Science research can directly impact your lives!

See the lectures here.

This free, public series is made possible by generous bequests from Professors Allen L. Edwards and Roger B. Loucks.

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