Psychology Undergraduate Research Opportunities

If you are interested in earning academic (Psych 499) credit for working in a lab, follow these steps:

  1. Check the opportunities listed in the table below or check a faculty list to find someone whose interests match yours.
  2. Contact the researcher(s) you've identified. Discuss the project and the work you would be doing, and decide how many credits you would like to receive (3 credits = 9 hours/week, 2 credits = 6 hours/week, 1 credit = 3 hours/week).
  3. Get a registration permission card from the Main Office (Guthrie 119) and have the faculty person sign the card and give you a copy of the syllabus.
  4. Take the signed card and project syllabus to the Main Office (Guthrie 119) and exchange it for your entry code.
  5. Register for your 499, for the proper amount of credits.

Current Research Opportunities

Interested in working with a faculty member or graduate student on a research project? The following projects are recruiting undergraduates to help out in their labs.

If you are a Psychology graduate student, staff or faculty member and you would like to update your Psych 499 posting or add a new Psych 499 opportunity, please contact Carrie Perrin in Psychology Undergraduate Advising at 206-543-2698 or at cyoung@u.washington.edu.

Project Title Area
ACRE: Assessment of Cannabis Use and Related Experiences Adult Clinical
Addiction beliefs and smoking attitudes Social and Personality
Alcohol and Emotion Regulation Study Adult Clinical
Alcohol and Women's Emotions and Behaviors Adult Clinical
Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics - Studies on Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Severe, Complex, and Treatment-Resisting Disorders Adult Clinical
Biomarkers in Autism Spectrum Disorder Quantitative Psychology
Check Yourself: Web-based Adolescent Health Screening and Risk Prevention Project Child Clinical
Child Development Research in a Science Museum – Living Laboratory Developmental
Clinical Assessment and Outcomes in Adult and Adolescent DBT Adult Clinical
Clinical Assessment and Outcomes in Adult and Child Anxiety Disorders Adult Clinical
Clinical Assessment and Outcomes in Psychological Treatment Adult Clinical
Clinical Outcome Studies with Suicidal Service Members and Civilians Adult Clinical
Cognition in Mexican Jays and Western Scrub-Jays Animal Behavior
Cognitive, Behavioral, and Aging Effects of Pain Medication in Alcohol Users (CAAP) Behavioral Neuroscience
Culture Collaboratory Social and Personality
Culture, First-Generation College Students, and Academic Interventions Social and Personality
Data collection for Seattle Educare evaluation Please Select...
DBHR (Washington Young Adult Health Survey) Adult Clinical
Developmental Pathways Research Program Developmental
Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Treatments Adult Clinical
Early Autism Detection and Intervention Child Clinical
Early Social-Emotional Development Developmental
Environmental Enrichment of Laboratory Monkeys Animal Behavior
EPIC (Evaluating Personalized Information and Choices) Social and Personality
Estes Labs (Autism - Early Intervention) Child Clinical
Evaluation of Wraparound Fidelity Child Clinical
GABA and Behavior in Autism (GABA) Behavioral Neuroscience
Gender differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder Child Clinical
Gender Double Standard of Aging Social and Personality
Growth & Behavioral Development in Macaque Monkeys Developmental
Harm Reduction Research and Treatment (HaRRT) Center - working with homeless individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds to reduce substance-related harm and improve quality of life Adult Clinical
Human Color Vision Cognition and Perception
Implementing and Evaluating Routine Outcome Monitoring with Diverse Youth and Families in Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services Child Clinical
Implicit Cognition about Drinking (ICAD) Adult Clinical
Improv­ing Prac­tice in Community-based Set­tings: A Ran­dom­ized Trial of Super­vi­sion Strate­gies (R01) Child Clinical
Juvenile Justice Reform in Washington State Please Select...
Measurement and applied statistics in Psychology Quantitative Psychology
NEW Moms Connect Study Child Clinical
Parent Training and Emotion Coaching for Children with Low Prosocial Emotions Child Clinical
Patient-Provider Experience (PPX) Adult Clinical
Project Daily Social and Personality
Project Network Social and Personality
Project PATH (Personality, Alcohol, and Teen Health) Social and Personality
Project Transitions: Life Experiences and Transitions Project Social and Personality
Public Behavioral Health and Evidence Based Practice for Youth (HB 1088 & HB 2536) Child Clinical
Safety Signal Learning in Children of Worried Parents Adult Clinical
Social Class Cultural Frame Switching: First-Generation College Students and Social Mobility Social and Personality
Social Cognition in Children research: Non-Verbal Social Cues Social and Personality
Social Cognition in Infants Developmental
Social Identity Lab Social and Personality
Stereotypes, Identity, and Belonging Lab (SIBL) Social and Personality
Still Can't Get It Out Of My Mind Adult Clinical
Stress and Coping Social and Personality
The APT Study Adult Clinical
The Impact of Statements about Race Social and Personality
The Investigation of Genetic Exome Research (TIGER) Developmental
The TransYouth Project Developmental
Tribal Colleges and Universities Cultural Adaptation of and Evidence-Based Intervention Adult Clinical
Understanding and Using Statistics in Psychology Quantitative Psychology
Understanding Self-Control in Daily Life Child Clinical
Zeroing in on the Examination of Brain and Behavior Research in Autism (ZEBRA) Developmental